About Olivia

Actor, Singer & Songwriter.


Olivia had her first break in acting at just 9 months old when she was cast in a short film titled Bodies directed by Amy Wendel, quickly after that she booked print work in magazines such as Parents magazine and Toys R Us.
Olivia’s first speaking role was at age 7 in a NYC independent film “They’re Out of the Business”, the sequel to cult classic “My Life’s in Turnaround”.
At age 12 Olivia was cast in “Blowtorch” a gritty New York independent film. This crime drama stars Billy Baldwin, Armand Assanti and Lois Robbins as Olivia’s mother and Jared Abrahamson as Olivia’s brother. Olivia plays a middle class girl from Brooklyn who experiences the murder of her older brother and witnesses her mother seeking revenge to whomever killed him.
Olivia has also worked on various TV and commercial projects. You can check out her Imdb page to view a full list of her work – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1763341/


Olivia has a lot to look forward to these days – not only will she be turning 18 in just a few short months but she will also be graduating High School in New Jersey on the same exact day – June 21st – but that’s not all for this HS senior who besides preparing for her HS Prom is also preparing for the release of her new single “Caught Up”. This dreamy pop song is about falling in love and how unexpected love can takes over and you can’t stop thinking about that special person. Yes we have all been there – painful and sweet. 

“Caught Up” releases on March 28th with a music video releasing one week later on April 4th

 Olivia received great success with her last two hits “Us 2” released October 8th 2018. “Us 2” a beautiful pop melody with hints of R&B inspired by Grover Washington’s hit single  “Just The Two Of Us” was quickly added to Spotify’s “Release Radar” Playlist. 

 “Missing U” released earlier in 2018 reached #10 on the New Music Weekly Charts and won Best Song of the Month by Songwriter Universe (June 2018). “Missing U” music video is currently airing on MTV U & MTV Video On Demand. Heather Devine from Soundigest said “You won’t want to sleep on this girl, she’s quickly gaining traction in the industry and is definitely worth the listen.”

Olivia began singing at age 4 at her preschool’s choir group while living in Zurich, Switzerland. At age 7 when she returned to New Jersey to live, Olivia started private vocals lessons and singing at local venues such as senior homes, churches and schools.

Olivia started her YouTube channel at age 12 with cover videos from famous artists. Her channel now has close to 8,000 subscribers. Olivia’s Taylor Swift “Blank Space” music video went viral with over 550,000 views.